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Japan Fishing Tackle Shop


We will be adding in maps. Pardon us if there lack of photos of the shop interior because most shop do not allow photos. Please visit us again



Japan Tokyo Shibuya Sansui - There are lure section, trout section, freshwater carp section and bait fishing. They are all at different location in Shibuya.

Location : 35.658356, 139.703450 (Use Google Map)

Location : 35.656214, 139.705062 ( Lure branch)

 photo 2016-02-02 18.21.40_zpszecpjzhi.jpg



Japan Tokyo Shibuya Joshuya (new branch) - A basement tackle shop. Not as big as the old branch but there are some stuffs that you cannot find in the old branch

Location : 35.660819, 139.702607 (Use Google Map)


 photo 2016-02-02 16.23.48_zpsatmxf5s2.jpg

 photo 2016-02-02 16.23.59_zpszoro7uev.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 16.24.17_zps3mbucayx.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 16.26.14_zpsjezkdcgu.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 16.26.40_zpsyehcuv6u.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 16.39.23_zps7ozzuypq.jpg



Japan Tokyo Shibuya Joshuya (Old branch) - A mega store with 3 level. What you can find in Sansui you may not be able to find in Joshuya. They hold different brands. 

Location : 35.657304, 139.701757 (Use Google Map)


 photo 2016-02-02 16.59.44_zpspvkrqbkh.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 17.49.58_zps5prsukt6.jpg


Japan Tokyo Shibuya Tackleberry (both 2ndhand and new tackles) - Next to Joshuya (old branch)

Location : 35.657099, 139.701865 (Use Google Map)

 photo 2016-02-02 17.01.19_zpsmvy2nyg3.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 17.37.40_zpssvccmyt0.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 17.02.14_zps6jymvuea.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 17.02.18_zps8mshhcxy.jpg
 photo 2016-02-02 17.29.49_zpsszxzbfkq.jpg



Japan Tokyo Kanta Tackleberry (both 2ndhand and new tackles)

Location : 35.689734, 139.771070

 photo 2016-02-03 17.23.56_zpsr0yel4pp.jpg
 photo 2016-02-03 15.34.25_zpsgrghzk2n.jpg



Japan Tokyo Shimbashi Tackleberry ( Basement 1 of the Shopping Centre beside station) (both 2ndhand and new tackles)

Location : 35.666375, 139.757501 (Basement 1)

 photo 2016-02-03 15.17.39_zps2c8dht1i.jpg
 photo 2016-02-03 15.17.34_zpsp5dlzovy.jpg
 photo 2016-02-03 15.17.21_zpsialehxa0.jpg



Japan Tokyo Ueno Superbush - Nice small shop with a lot of rare brands

Location : 35.712748, 139.777887


 photo 2016-02-08 10.55.50.png_zpsyx9c8mqf.jpeg
 photo 2016-02-03 14.12.34_zpsl3mbfdgj.jpg


Japan Osaka Umeda 1BAN - Nice shop with a tax free counter. Big shop!


Location : 34.699932, 135.498444

 photo 2016-02-04 16.24.25_zps8kgqrq7p.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 16.27.08_zpsgb664mxj.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 16.27.20_zpsqmr7ibgz.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 16.29.04_zpsc0j3ta7e.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 16.29.28_zpsonwglur1.jpg

 photo 2016-02-04 16.39.30_zpsbxoaeuvy.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 16.39.33_zpsjjqszpim.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 17.01.10_zpslx6caeh9.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 17.20.45_zpscxaewimc.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 17.20.48_zpsztfl1wtu.jpg.



Japan Osaka Homachi Anglers CO - More baiting stuff. Beside it there a small lure shop too

Location : 34.681353, 135.494037


 photo 2016-02-04 14.56.22_zps1jlzeyxi.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 14.56.30_zpsxdctnt4m.jpg



Japan Osaka Lure Proshop - A cafe and a lure shop. A lot of nice and rare lures but very small shop with a lot of stuff

Location : 34.663288, 135.515990


 photo 2016-02-06 13.56.41_zpsn6fx2dwb.jpg
 photo 2016-02-06 14.28.28_zpsq0kg6phc.jpg
 photo 2016-02-06 14.28.24_zpse8xjeinr.jpg



Japan Osaka Tackle berry (both 2ndhand and new tackles) -Japan, 〒530-0044, 大阪府大阪市北区東天満2丁目10−41, YFC会館 1F

 photo 2016-02-04 15.25.19_zpsuf5ziflq.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 15.27.17_zpsryfq9oe4.jpg
 photo 2016-02-04 15.37.18_zpsi0ogbb5m.jpg