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Snakehead Fishing (Tulala, 13Fishing, Viva Japan)

Fish : Snakehead ( Around 100cm long )

Rod : Tulala Picapau 57 ( One of the best rods for light to medium luring for peacock bass and snakehead. Give a very sexy bend, short yet cast really well. Strong backbone really to tackle big fishes. Very comfortable length for wild fishing as well as urban fishing. Easy for traveling around. Purchase by emailing [email protected]

Reel : 13Fishing Concept C 6.6 ( Manage to get the distance to reach the snakeheads, great cranking power and bulldrag that help me subdue this monster ) More review at

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Lure: Viva Japan Hayata Minnow ( This is a 85mm lure that weights 28grams. It cast like a metal lead weight that flys like a bullet to the distance that the angler want. Allow fast sinking and erratic action when being twitched )

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