If you have always been looking for an all rounder reel. This is one reel that you cannot miss.

We often have situation whereby we could not get everything we want in our baitcaster.

Common problems when buying a baitcasting reel

1. Line cap - A light or small reel usually have not enough line cap

2. Drag - A baitcaster that weight 22lb drag usually weights like 300gram-400gram or more?

3. Weight - A light reel usually means not enough line capacity? No power in cranking? Meant for finesse?

4. Gripping comfort - It hard to comfortably palm a big size 200 or 300 reel but sometime we have no choice because we need something big to handle the giants?


So to solve all the above problems, we went around testing all the baitcasting reels in the market and we come upon some not too bad choices.

Shimano Scorpion - good line capacity, good casting, good cranking power but drag is only at about 4-5kg

Daiwa Ryoga - casting is not too bad but for big lures like 30grams-50grams definitely there is some resistant to it. Good cranking power if the ratio is not too high. Drag is also good at around 5-6kg. Biggest problem we have is the WEIGHT


We decide to pen down what we need and find the perfect reel that fits our criteria.



- 20lb braided = 160metre & 30lb braided = 120-130metre


- GOOD KNOBS SIZE ( this makes a big different when cranking fast and cranking big lures/ Normally we change it to ZPI knobs )

- Definitely good casting!


5 months of testing and trying out all brands and models. We finally came upon a review on a very popular USA Fishing website.

First reaction that came to our mind - " IS THIS FOR REAL ? "

175grams, 22lb drags and the review for the casting and cranking is equivalent to a SHIMANO?

It is really hard to believe that a new brand manage to achieve such a specification on their baitcasting reels. The only way to know it is to test the reel!

It took us quite a lot of effort trying to get a 13 FISHING Concept C Baitcasting Reel
13 Fishing have always been selling only in USA and Australia so far. So we went through a lot of effort and finally we manage to get it to see if the review is real or just a marketing effort.

First test - DRAG

Matching and comparing it to our Okuma Komodo 364, we are quite impress with the results. After taking the reel apart, we realise there are about 3 drag disc instead of the usual one

Second test - Cranking and Casting

SHOCKING, thats all i can describe it. Best of all it doesn't even have the gear teeth grinding feel that we got on some of the Daiwa reels that we tested. Maybe the big cork knobs makes a different too. Some love it some hate it. We love it because we don't need to put on ZPI knobs and that really save us about $60?

Casting wise, we realise the brakes works quite well. With the new design, the side plate doesn't come totally off the reel anymore like the old design. The new design actually have a spring that allow the side plate to pop out but it is still being held on by a metal shaft

For this, we suggest you test it out yourself or meet up with our staffs to try out the reel.

Third test - Line capacity

Now, this is our biggest problem. The reel is really light at 175grams and the body is really small. I can practically palm the whole reel in my hand. and with that the spool doesn't look big at all. So this is one of most worrying factor for us, because we need to load heavier lines to be able to make use for the 22lb drag right?

Results - 20lb jerry brown goes in about 160-170metre. So if we load in 30lb or PE3 line we can definitely can 120-140metre. That is definitely sufficient and more than most of the 100 size baitcasting reels. Comparing it with the Exsence Dc and the Ryoga C1012. It definitely take it more lines than them.

Fourth test - Taking the reel apart

The reel comes with a stainless steel anti corrosion bearings so that anglers to use it for saltwater fishing. The shaft is stainless steel. The body is aluminium. The clutch springs look strong and thick compare to other reels that we have taken apart.

There a clicker when turning the drag star and also brake tension knobs.


In all reviews, we believe we need to find the worst part of the reels. So the only thing that we can complain about is the finishing. The finishing of the reel may not be perfect. There is some small things that can be improve but once again importantly, the parts inside are perfectly good and strong.

Some also complain about the brakes being in the reel but I realise most of the shimano reels are like this too only the MAGFORCE (Daiwa) have exterior adjustment. Good news, they have the lefthand model now!


You can read the Tackletour review at http://www.tackletour.com/review13fishingconceptc.html

You can purchase the reel at http://www.redtackle.com/reels/13-fishing-reels-usa.html