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13 Fishing Baitcasting Origin TX 7.3 (Right)

13 Fishing Baitcasting Origin TX 7.3 (Right)

Sebile Puncher 120

Sebile Puncher 120

Sebile Stick Shadd SINKING

BAIT LENGTH : 4 1/2in | 11cm
BAIT SIZE : 1 3/8 oz
BAIT SHAPE : Jerkbaits (Sinking)
BAIT LENGTH : 4 1/2in | 11cm
BAIT SIZE : 1 5/8 oz
BAIT SHAPE : Jerkbaits (Rocket)
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Sebile Stick Shadd
  • Streamlined shape very efficient for long distance casts
  • Bait remains horizontal when stationary or worked
  • Extremely stable lure in all conditions; turbulent waters, powerful currents, even breakers, and calm lake conditions
  • Power keel under the belly gives the bait super erratic swim action and reactions which makes this bait so versatile
  • Now with enhanced cosmetics, improved hardware materials and a reinforced body for higher pull strength
  • Rockett version geared to make super long casts and includes extra single hooks

The favorite lure of Sebile founder and innovator, Patrick Sebile, the Stick Shadd was designed to be entirely controlled by the angler to cover almost all fishing situations. Offered in a wide variety of sizes, buoyancies, and colors the Stick Shadd is one of Sebile's most innovative designs. Sinking & Fast-Sinking models are perhaps the most versatile overall because they can be used at any depth from top to deep. Suspending versions are ideal as jerkbaits when predatory fish prefer their prey to sit horizontal and not rise or sink at all. Floating models are key when targeting surface feeding or shallow fish while Rockett models are key for distance casting and strong current situations.